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Club Activities

Membership and Meetings.  The club meets once a month from September-April .  Members are encouraged to be active participants in the group.  Most serve on various committees and help out at our shows. As a member of PtHAO you'll receive a year's subscription to the Corral, a monthly all-breed newspaper, as well as our own  newsletter, the Spot Check, published five times a year, which contains club news, upcoming events, minutes of the meetings, and ads.

Meetings are held at The Residence at Sterling Oaks,
540 Great Oaks Trail, Wadsworth
(turn west at corner of Rt. 94 & First Merit Bank,
drive past the shopping area, then a residential area, building will
be on your right.)
Directors - 10:00 a.m.       General Meeting - 10:30a.m.
Both are open to all

Sunday, October 12
Sunday, November 9
Sunday, December 14

Youth Activities.  PtHAO is a family organization so there's a "spot" for the kids as well as the adults.  The youth have riding clinics, hold fund raisers, attend equine events together, have social activities, and compete in team tournaments at the World Show.  Youth can compete for national awards in the PtHA awards program.  There's also an opportunity for the very young exhibitor in Leadline (8 and under) and Walk-Trot (11 and under).

Amateur Activities.  We do not have a separate amateur group, but there is a full slate of Amateur classes at all of our shows.  If entries warrant, many of the Amateur classes will be split into Junior (19-39), Senior (40-54) and Elite (55 & over).   Don't think that you're too old to show as many of us are in the "over" category of the elite group.  There are also Novice Amateur classes for the new exhibitor with limited show experience.  Like the Youth, Amateurs have the opportunity to compete in team tournaments at the World Show.

  The schedule for the 2008 show season is:  May 3/4, Ashland;  May 31/June 1, Ashland;  June 10-21, World Show, Tulsa;  July 5/6, Springfield;   July 25-27, Jubilee Show, Berrien Springs, MI   September 6/7, Hilliard.  There will be one show bill spread over the two days with five judges for each show--the Jubilee show will have four sets of points, three judges plus an average..  There will be Novice Amateur classes in showmanship, English and Western pleasure as well as a Novice Amateur walk-trot class.  There will be no entry fee charged for YA Leadline Equitation, YA Walk-Trot Pleasure 
and YA Walk-Trot Equitation. 

Royalty Competition.  Each year young ladies and young men have the opportunity to compete for the titles of Sweetheart (ages 9-13), Princess (ages 14-17), Prince (ages 9-17) and Queen (ages 18-25).  They represent us at club events as well as other equine activities.    Please contact Julie Bowers for information.

Year End Awards.  As a member of PtHAO, you can nominate your animal for Ohio year-end awards.  Grand and Reserve Champion awards plus awards to sixth place are presented in Open, Amateur, Youth, Pony, and Miniature.  In addition, there are numerous rotating trophies presented for high point in various categories.  PtHA also presents year end awards in each of the divisions as well as national and zone top ten awards to Youth and Amateurs.

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Congratulations to Our 2007 Show Season
PtHA Youth and Amateur Top 10 Exhibitors



National Top Ten

Zone 5 Challenge 20
Taylor Foster FSF Hot N Sonny 1st - Jr. YA 1st - Jr. YA 1st - Jr. YA
Brandy Smith Zips Sacred Slipper 3rd - Jr. YA 2nd - Jr.YA 3rd - Jr. YA
Katheryn Stacey Mr Double Fancy 7th - Jr. YA 5th - Jr. YA 1st - Sr. YA
Lisa Laske Frosted Assets 2nd - Sr. YA 2nd - Sr. YA 2nd - Sr. YA
Tyler Stacey Pocos Silky Delight 3rd - Sr. YA 3rd - Sr. YA 7th - Sr. YA
Brenna Blackburn Fancy Enuff Tobetuff 4th - Sr. YA 4th - Sr. YA
Lauren Barre Bladestroubledtime 8th - Sr. YA 10th - Sr. YA
Kaitlin Lipscomb Rebas Almighty Jet 9th - Sr. YA 5th - Sr. YA 6th - Sr. YA
Erica Noren Dollys Devil 1st - Jr. AM 1st - Jr. AM 1st - Jr. AM
Allison Ott Hes The Real Deal 2nd - Jr. AM 2nd - Jr. AM 3rd - Jr. AM
Whitney Wittensoldner Hes Justa Heathen 9th - Jr. AM 3rd - Jr. AM 8th - Jr. AM
Debbie Slocombe Will See Ya 1st - Sr. AM 1st - Sr. AM 1st - Sr. AM
Carolyn Kohlbeck Zips Jack Of Diamond 2nd - Sr. AM 2nd - Sr. AM 3rd - Sr. AM
Susan Gibson BF Spirit Lace 5th - Sr. AM 5th - Sr. AM 4th - Sr. AM
Lisa Wolford Zappers Custom Design 6th - Sr. AM 6th - Sr. AM
Kathryn Ledergerber Stitches Of Suede 7th - Sr. AM 4th - Sr. AM 9th - Sr. AM